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Financial Advisory Services Malta

As a one-stop-shop for our clients, NM Group offers business management and advisory services, alongside our accounting and corporate services. Our advisory team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist clients hailing from a variety of industries, operating at a small or large scale.

Our advisory services are carried out based on the juncture at which our client’s business is functioning. Start-ups, established businesses and family businesses are each likely to have a unique set of requirements, which is why it’s important that our team is able to see to their needs as thoroughly as possible.

Starting up your own business can be a daunting task, but also a very exciting one – trust us, we would know! With NM Group’s founder still at the helm, we know exactly what it takes to successfully start up your business. After gaining years of experience helping young entrepreneurs get their start, we can assist with planning, organising and financing to turn your idea into a successful business venture.

When clients approach us with a start-up idea, we are able to advise them on the necessary steps that they must take, not only from a legal and financial standpoint, but also logistically and strategically. Once NM Group has assisted with the preparation of a business plan and financial projections, the advisory team can provide a clear direction for business and investment decisions through comprehensive research and analysis of the project. The team is also fully equipped to guide clients on the administrative side of starting up a company, such as the actual incorporation, bank account opening and VAT registration.

Once your business is up and running, our team can also assist with EU and national funding opportunities, tendering services, and project management services.

For start-ups wishing to achieve accreditation for their strengths, we are able to assist with ISO certification, giving your company an edge over your competition in the areas of quality control and customer satisfaction.

If you wish to see your business continue to grow, NM Group can guide you on taking the necessary steps to strategically expand your business and reach new heights. With our expert advice on trade and investment opportunities, you can take immediate action and see your company and profits grow.

If you know exactly how you’d like to expand your business, we can help you put together the necessary business plans to move forward and apply for funding opportunities. Employers are able to benefit from EU and national funding opportunities that are extremely valuable by way of helping your business grow without having to jeopardise the stability of your company.

Our team is specially trained to carry out investment appraisals, enabling our clients to make informed business decisions. Whether you’d like to improve your range of equipment or move to larger premises, we will look at all the viable options that will help you achieve your end goal.

For those companies looking to further improve in the areas of quality control and customer satisfaction, we also recommend that established companies consider attaining ISO certification for their services. Having ISO certifications not only places your company on an international level in terms of quality, but also gives your customers peace of mind.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. When the going gets rough is when you should strategically plan your business turnaround.

When you look at your business, does it feel like things are just not going according to plan? Running a business is tough, especially when there are factors that may affect the stability of your business that are beyond your control. However, with our experience and team of experts, we can help you put your best foot forward.

Whether you feel your weakness lies in your project management skills, skills deficits within your staff, lack of business opportunities, or poor financial administration, NM Group can provide valuable guidance to help turn things around and give your business a second chance. In fact, we can help you achieve ISO certification for quality control and customer satisfaction, which will not only place your company on an international level in terms of quality, but also give your customers peace of mind.

Over 75% of businesses in Malta are family-run, with many of them having been passed down from one generation to the next. For all the benefits of running a family business, where very often people are brought together by a shared name and common values, it also brings with its own unique set of challenges.

NM Group provides business and tax advisory services that meet the unique needs of the family business. We understand both the merits and strengths family business hold, as well as the obstacles a company may face when the ties that bind the company together may be causing hindrance. In the case of litigation, we are able to offer expert advice on dealing with cases swiftly and amicably.

If you are looking into passing down your business to the next generation, then you will need a succession plan. We specialise in providing counsel on succession planning, where a structure is created to facilitate a smooth transferal of the company from one generation to the next. We also advise on creating shareholding structures.