NM Group Malta Audit Services

Malta Accountants & Auditors (CPA)

With over 25 years of experience in the finance sector, NM Group has carried out auditing services to a variety of companies and businesses in several industries and sectors.

External Audits

We offer external auditing services in collaboration with our long-standing business partners Silvio Muscat & Co, and in-house auditor, Beppe Muscat.

Statutory External Audits - External audits are required to ensure that a company’s financial statements give a true and fair view of the financial position and performance of the entity. Whilst required by law, this is also value adding as an audit will likely also uncover weaknesses in company’s internal controls and/or its accounting practices.

Other Assurance and Review Engagements - We have also been involved in other engagements, non-statutory by nature. Such reviews can also be undertaken voluntarily in order to obtain an opinion on the basis of work performed by an independent third party, to provide company shareholders with assurance over the financial results, to facilitate the sale of a business, to provide assurance to the tax authorities and those financing the business such as banks. Other such engagements include determining the reliability of the financial information of other businesses and being engaged to audit specific sections or units within an organization.

Internal Audits

At NM Group, we take a holistic approach to internal audits which are handled as a collaboration between the various units which make up the NM Group. While reviewing the client’s internal processes and controls, our main focus lies in obtaining facts and figures about the company’s operations. From this, we can use that data to pick out business trends and enhance the decision-making process in order to empower our clients to continue growing their business. We believe that the key result of a successful internal audit is providing you, the client, with an improved system that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s operations. Furthermore, the NM Group’s varied business units provide professionals with diverse skills, expertise and experience that can be brought together to provide value-added insights and analysis to the task at hand.