Malta Citizenship by Investment - IIP Programme

Joining the Malta Citizenship Programme can open many doors for you and your business. Small but mighty, Malta is known as the gem of the Mediterranean, and with good reason. Thanks to its flexible and comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework, Malta is emerging as one of the fastest growing business hubs for financial and corporate services in Europe. With a stable political landscape in place, the Maltese islands and its inhabitants benefit from free healthcare and education, low tax rates and an easily affordable high standard of living.

The Programme has various benefits to offer, such as:

How does it work?

The Malta Citizenship programme, also known as the Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta (IIP), gives individuals (and their families) who contribute to the economic and social development of Malta the opportunity to be granted citizenship by a certificate of naturalisation.

Applicants and their dependents will be subject to a thorough vetting and diligence process along with necessary background checks. Citizenship is granted based on a set of criteria which the individual must satisfy, which includes, but is not limited to, a clean criminal record, investment in local property and local government bonds.

How can we help?

Through our experience in handling IIP applications, NM Group has built up a strong network of ancillary providers who may assist in what should be a seamless process – we will source professionals who can offer document translation, postulation/certification services, as well as experts able to assist our clients in purchasing and decorating Maltese real estate and making the necessary investments in specified financial instruments.

Furthermore, NM Group can assist our clients with any other service they may require –from booking travel and accommodation, and obtaining memberships at sporting and social clubs, to effecting charitable endeavors, and assisting with the relocation of families, as required.

NM Group, are accredited agents for the MIIP, as appointed by Identity Malta, a regulated government entity responsible for issuing identity cards and passports.

For further information on the requirements for the application, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us